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Curriculum Vitae
Rolf Claessen

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Personal Data

Birth 15. November 1972 in Cologne
Nationality German
Marital Status Single


September '97 State University of NY at Albany, USA
Juni 1996 University of Wuerzburg
April 1996 Vordiplom (corresponds to Bachelor)
October 1993 University of Tuebingen, Major: Chemistry, Germany
March 1992 Abitur (Kaiser - Wilhelm - Gymnasium Hannover, Classical Secondary School)

Practical Experience

since Sept. 97 Research - Inorganic Chemistry - Workgroups of Dr. Welch and Dr. Toscano
April 1997 Internship at BASF - Patents
since January 1997 Freelance for WDC GmbH (Internet, Networks)
January - March 1997 Practical Biochemistry at the Workgroup of Prof. Gross: "Structure Probing" tRNASer, Mutant X33 of tRNASec
since November 1996 Freelance for the Computer - Magazine "Das Internet Programm"
since October 1996 Leader of the Workgroup "Internet" of the Student's Representation at the University of Wuerzburg
July - Sept. 1993 Internship at Bayer AG: Dye's Analysis, Database Developement

Military Service

Oct. 1992 - July 1993 Telecommunication, LTG 62, Wunstorf
July - Sept. 1992 Basis Training, German Air Force, Budel, Netherlands


from me Claessen, R.:Chemical Web Marketing & Technology 1 (5) (1997)
about me Bradley, D.:Catalyst 1 (10) (1997)
Ihlenfeldt, W.-D.: Chemie in unserer Zeit 37 (4) (1997)


since 1988 Ancient Greek
since 1985 English
since 1985 Several Study - Courses in the UK
since 1983 Latin

Additional Skills and Hobbies

Programming Languages: MS Visual C++, Java, HTML
Database Developement: MS Access, JDBC
Information Retrieval from Internet Databases, WWW Publishing


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